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Hiring the right talent is the difference between your business succeeding and going bust...


We’ve spoken to hundreds of founders and designed a handbook that gives you a step-by-step guide to hiring the right team to hit those ambitious targets.


Read the mistakes we made so you can avoid making them!


We outline:


  • How to hire the right people to hit your business objectives 
  • Top 10 hiring mistakes and why
  • The actual hiring and firing - how to get the best value for your money
  • Getting on board with onboarding
  • Why the most diverse teams will win

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“As a first-time founder hiring was definitely one of the challenges keeping me up at night. Don't do it alone, seek guidance.”

Joe Perkins, CEO & founder, Landscape

Romanie Thomas

Romanie started Juggle to resolve the huge gender gap in leadership roles by giving professionals access to flexible working. Today, fewer than 10% of business leaders are women and her vision is to grow this percentage to 50% by 2027.

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