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What you’ll learn in this ebook

  • When you need to hire a Growth Marketer vs a CMO
  • 4 non-negotiable attributes every marketing leader needs
  • How to structure the job spec and interview questions 
  • Attracting the right candidate for your business needs

Senior marketers have a myriad of responsibilities - especially when it comes to scaling a business. Their role can span across team building, content, brand, user acquisition and analytics. This person needs to construct a holistic strategy, and execute campaigns and tactics that have an impact on your company's bottom line.


This makes finding the right person a challenge! The average salary for a CMO can be prohibitively high, clocking in at least £100,000 in London.


A flexible approach is a great solution for a rapidly growing startup. By finding a part-time marketing expert you can cut out the upfront fees and broaden your talent pool accessing the experience you need to drive growth, without the budget constraints.


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“Juggle helped us to hire our first senior Marketing professional. The process was fast, seamless and easy to manage via the platform”

– Duncan Grierson, CEO and Founder Clim8

Romanie Thomas

Romanie started Juggle to resolve the huge gender gap in leadership roles by giving professionals access to flexible working. Today, fewer than 10% of business leaders are women and her vision is to grow this percentage to 50% by 2027.

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